Hope and Help for Living With Illness

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 116 pages
$ 12.99
Caring for ourselves is a popular topic across all segments of the population. As we age, many of us are facing our own health issues or dealing with those of friends and loved ones. Hope and Help for Living With Illness offers an uplifting resource for dealing with sickness and disability, and a unique approach to issues of health and spirituality.
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HOPE and HELP for Living with Illness

To tell the truth is that I have not yet started to read the book. At home, my husband has light dementia and would easily throw the book in the trash. I plan to read the book, during my weekly hour of Adoration in my parish church after having said my rosary. The chapel in which the Adoration happens contains a little basket with books for helping the parishioners to better Adore Jesus (and being in Contemplation). I wish that you would offer to the ministries of Holy Adoration a list of books bringing the guardians of the Holy Host closer to God by such readings until they are able to converse with God in the intimacy of their hearts. Thank you in advance,


Thoughtful and helpful

KAREN J. ZIELINSKI, O.S.F., was the Director of Communications for the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio, from 1991 to 2008. She is now director of Canticle Studio, a creative office of products which focus on spirituality and health. She holds a BA in education and a master’s in music. She is a monthly columnist for several magazines, including St. Anthony Messenger, and is regularly published in other journals. She lectures on chronic disease and coping strategies. Karen has lived with multiple sclerosis (MS) since 1975.

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Publication Date:  2012


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