Saint Oscar Romero: Pastor, Prophet, Martyr

published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 192 pages
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Kerry Walters explores the Salvadoran archbishop’s journey from carpenter’s son through his early priesthood, his selection as a “safe” bishop who wouldn’t rock the government boat, to his transformation into someone who proclaimed the truth of the Gospel so unswervingly that it led to his assassination. Stock #: B53265

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M Martha J Caruso

This was a gift request. I did not read book.

Karen Nagel
A Wonderful Introduction to the Mind and Soul of a Modern Saint

It's comforting to know this man faced the problems and negative secular influences of the modern world - yet never backed down. His strength is inspiring, and he gives me hope that even though I am just one person I can still make a difference.

Liede-Marie Haitsma
Saint Oscar Romero

I remember when this happened, hearing about it and seeing it on the was so sad. Father Oscar did everything to help his people. I would this book to be very insightful about his life and his struggles to help his people.

K Bircher
A gripping introduction

Overall I found this a great introduction to the life and times of St. Oscar Romero. The writing was a bit slow, and a bit too peppered with the author's interpretations in the first few chapters. After that, however, the story was tightly written and flowed smoothly. The author was able to paint the highlights of Monsenor's multifaceted life , his frailties as well as his great love for the compesinos, his tireless prophetic call in the face of growing adversity.

Monsenor Romero has become a beloved rallying cry and the author has captured the pathos and danger of his time. I highly recommend this to any one who has little understanding of the life and time of St. Oscar Romero, or wishes to better understand the reality of liberation theology's preferential option for the poor.

Eduardo Marrero
A leader

100% right all the times! In a country plagued with violence, lacking moral values, a spiritual leader who preaches to fight for your rights, to show us how the simplicity of life, the dignity of work and praying are a truthful way to enlightenment and joy. At his time, he fought against inequality, nowadays we need to follow his steps and denounce corruption and violence.

Kerry Walters is a professor emeritus of philosophy and peace and justice studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. He is a prolific author whose books include Saint Teresa of Calcutta: Missionary, Mother, MysticPracticing Presence: The Spirituality of Caring in Everyday Life, and The Art of Dying and Living.

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