Stars at Night: When Darkness Unfolds as Light

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published by Franciscan Media | Trade Paperback | 192 pages
$ 18.99
Paula D’Arcy was only 27 when a drunk driver killed her husband and young daughter. But in the midst of crushing despair, she discovered a presence that responded to her fearful cries with great tenderness and wisdom. In this captivating work, D’Arcy recounts the way night slowly became day again—and the perspective shift that allowed her to find meaning in life again. If you’ve experienced great loss, or if you’re feeling lost in the darkness yourself, Stars at Night can offer reassurance that pain does not have the final say.Stock #: B53256

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard M
Stars at night: when darkness unfolds as light

Wonderful book. The book helped myself and friend navigate through her traumatic issues.


A truly prayerful, meditative experience. I have read this title twice and I know I will read it again. The stories within are heartfelt and honest. It's stunning.

Maria Wright
Not What I Expected and Misguided

I purchased this book from Franciscan Media to help me cope with deep grief after unexpectedly losing my Grandmother and Father within a span of a month. The book description offered "a light of new hope" in times of grief, which I expected to be a Catholic perspective on finding God's hand in our time of loss. However, I was disappointed in the book for several reasons. First, I was surprised by the structure of the book: small snippets that appeared to be journal entries and random thoughts dispersed in each section rather than having a cohesive story throughout the book. Second, I became alarmed at how the author started out describing "Life" or "Presence" and not really mentioning Christ. I read the book all the way through to see if it would somehow tie the snippets together or offer counsel through the eyes of Christianity but I rarely found mention of God, Jesus, or Christ.

I am an avid reader with strong roots in my Catholic faith and have never written a book review before. I contemplated and prayed about whether I should even write anything about this book, or just keep these thoughts to myself. But I kept going back to this excerpt from the book and felt an obligation to warn others... "As I began to emerge from the early darkness of grief, I yearned to stay closely connected to the Presence whose assurance had been my mooring in those long nights. Some call the Presence by the name God, or the Christ consciousness. Others speak of the Divine indwelling or the Formless...the Self. For some it is nameless. Whatever is right for you, each designation speaks of the ineffable Presence from which life springs." This type of writing is dangerously steeped in New Age ideas and is blasphemous. The only reason I purchased the book was because a much different excerpt was used for a Franciscan Media Daily Meditation e-mail, and that excerpt spoke to me. I had hoped to receive much-needed guidance and comfort from this book but in the end I received neither and found myself disturbed by the guise of this being Christian writing.

Paula D’Arcy, author (Song for Sarah, The Divine Spark, Gift of the Red Bird) and retreat leader, travels widely in the United States and abroad. Her work includes workshops and retreats related to spirituality, writing, women’s gatherings, (including women’s initiation and rites of passage), and creating venues where men and women experience an opening of the heart and a change in their way of being in the world. She is also founder of Red Bird Foundation, and serves as adjunct faculty at Oblate School of Theology and Seton Cove Spirituality Center, in Texas.

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Publication Date:  10/18/2017

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Imprint:  Franciscan Media

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